Project Launch Process

Project Launch is easy. SoftDev Solutions will help you through the project launch process, step-by-step:

  1. Contact SoftDev Solutions: Use our web form, email us at or call. We will collect all the information about your project needs, and identify what development tools may be required to bring it to life – and these become part of your customer information record.
  2. Requirements Detailing: We will set up a “requirements review” internally to conduct an assessment of the project. At this time access to your source code may be necessary. The discussion takes place with our Team Leader, Senior Development Manager via Skype.
  3. Resource Assignment: SoftDev Solutions will select qualified personnel to accomplish your project and provide information detailing their experience. The rate for each resource is also provided. Project budget is treated with the same degree of importance as you would.
  4. Resource Interviews: One-on-one interviews serve the purpose of making sure your project has the right team members. SDS schedules individual conversations via Skype. These are between the customer and the resource directly – and feedback is confidential once received.
  5. Setting the Start Date and Project Duration: SDS provides the necessary paperwork and the first month’s invoice for your project team. Typically we provide a Master Service Agreement, Project Summary and estimated duration. The resources remain in place for the life of the project. After you’ve signed the Service Agreement and cleared the invoice, the start date is set.
  6. Project Kickoff: The team is provided all the project details from the requirements meeting, to ensure proper knowledge of the expected outcome and results. The requirements provide direction and set expectations. At this time, access to your source code is critical so that the project team can be as productive as possible.
  7. Communication Details: Our customers appreciate receiving introductory emails from all team members, providing all contact details. The project team dedicated to your project will each have a custom Skype ID. Typically these are set up specifically for your project. Your project then is managed by the project team leader – who provides regular weekly reports of progress to you on a group project Skype call.
  8. Reliable. Versatile. Trusted. The distinction between SoftDev Solutions and other competitors is the confidence that communication channels remain open with the office, even though you are running the project with the team. We remain “in the picture” with access to your Team Lead Development Manager, and project personnel.