Where are your developers/resources located?

Our team is a mixture of offshore developers and local team leaders. We have the flexibility to pull developer resources from multiple areas of expertise while also retaining a strong team leadership and support system locally.

What kinds of projects do you do?

Primarily medium to large business applications built on Internet and client-server technologies.

Although most companies make good use of many off-the-shelf applications, from word-processing and spreadsheets to accounting, and enterprise-wide applications like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc., virtually all have areas of need not met by these applications. Every organization is unique in many ways—perhaps in the specific services or products it offers, in how it is managed, or how it relates to customers, and so on. Each one has certain areas where it operates in its own way, for its own reasons, distinct from everyone else. It is in these areas where custom software can be very effective in controlling costs, enhancing revenue opportunities, and improving the efficiency and reliability of business processes. These are the areas where we understand how custom software can really benefit an organization, and where we have been successful creating effective, reliable applications.

We have deliberately chosen to work in a wide range of industries. Your one-of-a-kind needs are what interest us—our professional pleasure comes from giving you software that is from beginning to end a bullseye for you—not some compromise based on modifying an off-the-shelf application.

What kinds of projects do you turn down?

We turn down a project if:

  • the planned budget or timeframe seems unrealistic
  • we don’t believe the functional or performance goals of the application can be met.

Do you have the resources for a fairly large project?

Our larger projects have been in the range of $1.0 to $2.5 million, and a duration of up to 2 years.

What is the smallest project you’re willing to accept?

Consulting engagements can be any amount of time that seems appropriate for your need. As far as software development projects are concerned, the smaller ones tend to be $15k to $50k and a duration of 3 to 6 months.

What is my role in insuring the success of the project?

Probably the most fundamental things are to stay involved, stay close to the project, and don’t give up on your vision of what the application should be.

Sometimes managers believe that once a project is pointed in the right direction, they can pull back a little and “everything will be all right.” Everything may be all right, but even if it is, many small issues and decisions arise over the course of the project, and you should be aware of these. Small inputs from you on a regular basis can, by the end of the project, make a big difference in the finished product.

From time to time there will be a feature in your application that someone, perhaps a developer, perhaps one of your stakeholders, will resist or want to change. Sometimes it should change, but other times the only motivation is “to make things easier” for the developers. If it’s an important feature, someone needs to be the advocate for the overall quality and integrity of the finished application. This is something you should do when it seems appropriate.

Can you be responsive to my needs while working collaboratively and productively with our corporate IT personnel?

Certainly. We’ve worked very successfully in similar situations with a number of other clients. If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of our account executives, just let us know.